Kithri Kansif


Halfling adopted by the Brubar tribe of Guthra’Kul. She follows nomadic ways and was mentored by the Guthra’Kul’s leader, Kul.

Also known as “Tinausan Curr” or “Tiny Boulder”.


Kithri Kansif doesn’t know where she was born or who her biological family is. Her earliest and only memories are of her nomadic tribe which is her family in her eyes. Being the only halfing in an orc tribe (the Guthra’Kul) was incredibly difficult. Early on she knew she was just a pet toy to them. Daily having to fight for every scrap of food and cloth/blanket. The leader of the tribe, Kul, saw a fire in Kithri that very few possess. Eventually Kithri learned nomad life and grew to be exceptionally strong for her size. Kul would encourage Kithri to challenge any that pushed her around or didn’t respect her say within the tribe. Over time this made Kithri one of the most feared and respected of the tribe gaining the title of ‘Tinausan Curr’ or Tiny Boulder. She was a fierce fighter and protected her tribe better than most, never giving an inch. Her biggest advantage was what many outsiders saw as her weakness…her size. She is incredibly nimble and powerful, yet she is not very smart and grows frustrated quickly. Choosing never to where armor and instead show how proud she is of her tattoos & scars, Kithri commonly can be seen with a wooden shield and old/battered flail. Moving around as tribes often do, Kithri does not like staying in a given place for too long. As long as there is drink (wine/mead/ale), a roast & fire, and the night sky, Kithri feels at home. Kithri is very small, standing just barely over 3 feet. She has hazel hair that is kept in a short tussled fashion and is quite tan. The bulk of her body is littered with tribal tattoos and scars from the elements and battles (some with other tribes, some with prey). Kithri exudes a presence that can be seen by those around her, one of steadfast strength and confidence.

Kithri Kansif

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