Oysters | Clams | Cockles


Owns a claymore named “Temperance”.


An Outlander, born and raised in a small, plains village. His parents and family were murdered in front of him when he was 9 by thugs who raided his home village. He escaped their grasps and set out on his own. He learned to look after himself; fishing and foraging has become his means for food. He sells his goods for a small profit to continue on to the next village/town. He is often socially rejected due to his quiet, awkward social sense and his poor hygiene. He wears thin scale armor (which he stole) underneath a dirty, smelly, well-worn cloak (which he stole). As a wanderer, he doesn’t have any social ties.
At the age of 12, he awoke late one night to whispers leading him to a nearby graveyard. He found the whispers coming from a specific grave. He fearlessly began digging up the grave where he found a large claymore with the word “Temperance” engraved in the blade. He now carries it in a back-scabbard everywhere he goes.
" Temperance" speaks to Oysters|Clams|Cockles and vice-versa; or so he believes. He considers it his friend. He is lead by the sword and goes where it tells him.
His name changes from village to village. He is given names depending on what the towns/villages call him. Currently, he goes by Oysters|Clams|Cockles based on the wares he is selling in town. His name doesn’t seem important and he never corrects people when it changes.

Oysters | Clams | Cockles

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